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Greenwich (Customer since 2014)

After working with Voter CheckListTM at the August Primary, I can’t wait until November. We used the full suite of applications, including centralized administration and loading of voter lists. We had our “paper checkers” sit side by side with poll workers using Voter CheckListTM, and found those using Voter CheckListTM were just as fast, if not faster, than those using the paper list.

          Rave Reviews from everyone who went to our website and looked at the real-time voter turnout statistics. This saved so much time and effort versus calling the polling places for hourly counts. Moderators were using their own smartphones to check the data during the day as well.

          Now that the initial setup is done, we expect configuring 38 lines for November to be a snap. The whole setup will be faster than just the process of generating, printing, and binding over one hundred books for unofficial checkers.

Fred Decaro

Registrar of Voters

Stratford (Customer since 2021)

Voter CheckListTM has allowed the Registrars’ office in Stratford to do its job more effectively and efficiently in many ways. We were an early adopter, and the system allows us to use pollbooks very effectively – and easily -- to look up voters and  shorten lines. We use it to cross-check voters who move across town and monitor voters who use Absentee Ballots so they don’t also vote on Election Day. One of the major advantages of using Voter CheckListTM comes when we enter the "who voted" in CVRS. What use to take us upwards of a week now is done within an hour by the touch of a button.


Todd and Christine have built a system that would complement Election Day work by any registrar in Connecticut. In addition, their customer service and support are second to none. Voter CheckListTM is indeed “streamlined check-in for streamlined voting,” as they advertise. It is an important supplement to our many checks and balances, and it is one that we could not do without in Stratford.  

Louis DeCilio and James Simon

Registrars of Voters

Durham (Customer since 2014)

We have been using Voter CheckListTM for two years and there will be no turning back. It has saved us 10 man hours or more of post-election data entry, our lines move faster and our poll workers love the accurate count.

          The great customer service now includes the tweaks made to the back end of the program. We can mark of ABs from our office computers, check who has voted for EDR, and remove voters who have voted elsewhere. The Voter CheckListTM Development Team quickly responds to “wish lists” for added features and we’re happy to work with them.

A great deal for the price!

Pam Lucashu

Former Registrar of Voters

Farmington (Customer since 2014)

As I prepare for our busy voting year, I can’t help but applaud the wonderful services provided by Voter CheckListTM This program, and its software allows me to have an easy, efficient, and cost effective check in line on laptops at my polling places. Voters of Farmington, as well as my poll workers are happy to see new ideas and equiprment added to the speed and security of their voting day experience. The end of the night calculation process leaves human error behind, and allows me to upload my “Who Voted” list directly into CVRS in seconds, instead of the hours of data entry I used to do. Who would not want to eliminate that chore?

          Please understand that without Todd and Christine, and their commitment to provide outstanding service, this could be a letter with different content. I am sharing with you my support and endorsement of Voter CheckListTM. It is an asset to our office that I would not want to give up!

Barbara Brenneman

Former Registrar of Voters

Pomfret (Customer since 2015)

This past summer, Christine came to our office and training us and then our poll workers. She took her time and was patient! We used the Voter CheckListTM for the Republican Primary in August. Speaking with an assistant by phone we were able to upload the voting lists to our laptop. Throughout the day at the polls, the voting totals for in-person and absentees were always visible. In addition, guests were able to access the Voter CheckListTM website and view the voting results in real time. Our poll workers found it easy to use and accurate, especially at the end of a long day! At the office the next week, a few clicks of the computer mouse and our “Who Voted” list was uploaded to the state Converse system in seconds!

          Overall it was a prompt, professional, precise, perfect and a positive experience!

Susan Devokaitis

Registrar of Voters

Rocky Hill (Customer since 2022)

Rocky Hill, Ct has used Voter CheckListTM throughout last year’s primary and election. We have 3 districts and centrally count the Absentee Ballots. The increased efficiency that we gain by the Voter CheckListTM program has allowed us to reduce the number of Election Day workers and dramatically decrease the after election reporting process. Because we allow access to Election Day Voter CheckListTM reports the political parties and news media they are very happy and no longer need runners collecting paper reports from the polls.

Tom Pugliese

Registrar of Voters

Willington (Customer since 2014)

Willington has been using Voter CheckListTM for many years. We use it at every voting event,  With Voterchecklist, checking people in at Town Meetings is a breeze.  We appreciate the user friendly design, having voter turnout on our website, and the amount of data we are able to glean from the reports. We use it to compile statistics after every voting event.

Suzanne Chapman

Registar of Voters