Our Story

Todd and Christine Reisel both grew up in Connecticut.  We moved to Bethlehem, CT in 2006.  Shortly after that Christine became involved with the Registrars of Voters.  In 2009 the Registrars in Bethlehem reached out to us and asked us to improve an unofficial checklist which was created for them.  They were looking for a faster, easier program to use, so that candidates could come in and easily get a list of people who had voted.  Voter CheckListTM was born.  Other towns soon began to use the product as we realized how beneficial the system was to the Registrars, Checkers, and Candidates.

What makes us different?  We built the system to for the State of Connecticut.  We are a Connecticut company.  When you give us a call, you will speak to one of us.  We are passsionate about safe, efficient elections.  

Meet The Voter CheckList Team

About Us

Todd Reisel

Todd Reisel

President, Coastal Business Technologies

Co-Founder, Voter CheckListTM


Technology has always been a passion of mine. It's incredible how a small circuit board and great software has revolutionized the world in such a short amount of time.

I had a full-time job while attending Western Connecticut State University which taught me how to manage my time, produce quality work and practice important collaboration; the three essential ingredients to running a business!
Through college I was actively involved in a group that proved to be very important to me; The Computer Society.  Even before graduation, I was offered a software engineering position at a well known K-12 education print and technology company. Here I built the best tooling and web-based products in my 17-year corporate career. 
It was this experience that drives Coastal Business Technologies today and inspired me to become an entrepreneur, starting a full-time business of my own. CBT has deep industry experience which has propelled us to provide you with innovative products and quality services. We pride ourselves on having an eye on the future, to be keenly aware of how technology is changing around us every day.  It's this passion for technology that drives our company, our employees, and our clients to succeed.

 There are so many new technologies available today such as cloud computing platforms: Amazon Web Services, Azure or Rackspace. It's key to have a partnership with technology professional experts you can trust to guide you through the best technology applicable to your business.

 CBT can build your business operations to make your products and processes better for your staff and customers.  With over 20 years in the technology field, there is no company better than CBT for you to partner with to achieve your goals.

I have also obtained and maintain the following certifications:


Christine Reisel
Co-Founder, Voter CheckListTM


I am heavily involved in Voter CheckList, the unique election software we offer.  Voting has always been a right that I exercise.  When I moved into our new town, on the first weekend, we registered to vote.  After checking the box I found myself taking a moderator training class.  Now, I continue to serve as a moderator and a Deputy Registrar!

I assist in training Registrars and their election poll workers to use Voter CheckList.  My experience as both a moderator and a deputy has contributed to a vast knowledge of polling regulations.  This allows me to connect with you, our customers.

When I am not answering calls or training, I am working as a project coordinator for a technology company.  I have my Masters in Project Management and thoroughly enjoy working as a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

In my free time, I do enjoy running and have participated in many 5K races and did my first half marathon last fall! I share my goal with many others, to run a race in each of the 169 towns in CT (169 Group)!