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Coastal Business Technologies' flagship product, Voter CheckListTM, centralizes election administration for a streamlined, secure, and modern voting experience. Ready to upgrade your elections?

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No more long hours tallying votes by hand. Save time and reduce human error with modern election software that provides efficiency and ease to election staff and voters alike.

  • Tally votes automatically
  • Share real-time voting data
  • Manage elections from a central location

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Voter CheckListTM enables smooth elections across Connecticut.

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Our customers come back year after year.

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Our customers save hundreds of hours each year using our streamlined voting software!


Key Features

  • Centralized administration
  • Upload "Who Voted" data to CVRS in minutes
  • Supports elections, referendum, primaries
  • Separate screens for absentee and in person voting
  • Tallies of voters checked off
  • Electronic-Transfer of a Voter from one polling location to another
  • Restore Voter from Inactive List

Secure Reports

  • Vote by Hour / Tally Reports
  • Who Voted Report
  • Who Didn’t Vote Report
  • Full Report
  • Voting District Report
  • Real-time data synced every 30 seconds
  • Candidates can be given access to reports during the day
  • Voter count widget for your town’s website
  • Excel reports available

Basic Requirements

  • Voter Data from CVRS
  • Internet / Wifi Connection
  • PC, (Laptop or Desktop)
    • Windows 7 or Windows 8
    • No tablets / netbooks / Chromebooks
    • 13” screen or greater (15” ideal)(min. resolution of 1366 x 768)
    • 2GB Memory (4GB recommended)
    • Edge, Firefox or Google Chrome Web Browser

Customer Satisfaction

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